Resource Management

With Vivaticket you can manage all types of resources: areas with limited capacity (conference rooms, shuttles), staff (employees, guides, interpreters), objects (strollers, audio guides).

Thanks to the complete integration with the ticketing system, the operator can make reservations and combined sales from a single interface.

Meeting rooms

The system allows the complete management of the meeting rooms, from chairs to food, as well as taking into account the time required for preparation and disassembly.

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Through the Resource management you can effectively manage your employees, with the possibility to set the parameters of the work contract: total hours, breaks, absences.

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Guided tours

Set the features of your guides, manage assignments, and create your package in one go.

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Let the system identify the resource pool that suits your needs based on the required parameters: language, skill level, time availability, customer preferences, continuity with the past.

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Exclusive packages

Manage your premium or limited capacity experience, directly online or via group office and call center.

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